Rocket Software Introduces UniObjects for Python

Rocket Software recently announced the release of UniObjects for Python (UOPY), a new MultiValue (MV), client-side Python API that can be used to access any Rocket UniVerse and Rocket UniData database.

UOPY is now available for free to all UniVerse and UniData users through The Python Package Index (PyPI).

Helping organizations modernize with innovative technology is a top priority for the Rocket MultiValue Team, said Christine Rizza, Rocket’s MultiValue product manager.

By supporting a modern programming language like Python, UOPY allows companies to attract, hire, and retain new development talent and expand the capabilities of existing MV apps by enabling developers to add new features quickly.

The MV Python integration accomplishes this by providing a new object-oriented programming language that works alongside BASIC for developing MV server-side applications.

With UOPY, programmers can now use the Python ecosystem with third-party libraries and remotely access MultiValue servers in Python. The enhanced interface and capabilities of UOPY helps organizations reduce the time and cost to develop and support their applications.    

“Though we’ve offered Python as a native programming language for some time, what makes this release especially exciting is that it gives users a full stack Python solution,” said Rizza. “This provides people with a modern environment that enables faster application development.”

With UOPY, the Rocket MultiValue team focused on helping their customers and partners, noted Rizza.

“Before releasing, we asked our customers to participate in a beta program that allowed them to download and explore the code over the course of several weeks. Once the beta phase ended, all participants that we surveyed were incredibly enthusiastic about the finished product, with 100% of them recommending UOPY for release.” Rizza adds, “On the first day we published UOPY to PyPI, over 70 people downloaded it.”

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