Rocket Software Introduces a New MultiValue Product Evangelist


Rocket Software is introducing a new person to the role of MV Product Evangelist, who will help underscore the importance of its MultiValue technologies, and advocate for MV customers.

The MultiValue Product Evangelist, which is Mike Rajkowski, is a multifaceted, bidirectional advocate. He will promote what MV can do for customers and encourage feedback to understand what the customer may need in addition to what Rocket Software provides.

“I’m working with customers and partners to better align them with our products to make sure they get the most out of our solution and modernize their applications,” said Rajkowski.

Rajkowski has 35 years of experience in the MV space. He has spent the majority of his career focusing on pre and post-sales support and solutioning, touching a variety of areas within the business.

“Throughout my career I would consider myself a thought leader. I’ve been a prolific writer of blog and forum posts, I have done presentations at user conferences, as well as user group meetings, and other functions,” Rajkowski said. “I was in professional services working with customers to solve their technical needs. I would solve whatever the technical need was from early implementations of replication to backup and recovery procedures to remote DBA-types of services. I’ve been involved with many aspects of database administration and solutions.”

As Rocket Software moves forward with modernizing solutions, the goal of the MultiValue Product Evangelist is to show what customers can do with MV along with making customers feel confident in their investment in MV, Rajkowski noted.

In addition to the MultiValue Product Evangelist, there is also a MultiValue Platform Evangelist, Patrick Payne, who works on acclimating clients with putting MV into different environments such as the cloud and other platforms.

“I have a love for MultiValue and my view is that there is nothing you can’t do with MultiValue,” Rajkowski said. “My mantra is ‘do more with MultiValue.’ Modernization is the key and we’re here to help our customers on their modernization journey so they can get the most out of their MultiValue solution.”

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