Rocket Software Launches ‘Doing More with MultiValue’ Podcast

Rocket Software recently created the "Doing More with MultiValue" podcast specifically for MultiValue enthusiasts seeking insights, advice, and inspiration.

With seven episodes covering essential topics, this podcast promises to deliver a treasure trove of takeaways for businesses with MultiValue applications, according to Rocket Software.

“I love to listen while I’m walking my dog and encourage our customers and partners to put in some earbuds, hit play, and immerse yourself in the world of MultiValue innovation,” said Kathy Larson, Rocket Software’s senior manager, product marketing.

According to host Mike Rajkowski, “I obviously love all of the episodes in Season one, but customers, partners, and fellow Rocketeers tell me they really appreciate the following episodes.”

MultiValue HA/DR - Ensuring Business Continuity: One of the essential aspects of any organization's strategy is having a robust high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solution. In this episode, Mike engages two of Rocket Software's delivery team experts to delve into the importance of HA/DR, covering setup, testing, and best practices. Additionally, hear compelling customer stories that illustrate the significance of investing in a reliable HA/DR solution.

The Benefits of the MV Cloud Accredited Partner Program: Mike is joined by Mark Pick, owner, and CEO of Pick Cloud, to explore the advantages of being a Rocket Software MultiValue Cloud Accredited Partner. This includes specialized cloud services, such as disaster recovery, virtual desktops, and database specialization. The conversation highlights how partnering with an accredited cloud provider can boost efficiency and foster growth for MultiValue applications.

Focus on the Future of MultiValue Technology: In this intriguing episode, Mike talks with Vinnie Smith, VP of R&D, and Steve Wingfield, a principal software engineer and lead architect in the MultiValue Center of Excellence, about the future of MultiValue technology. As a company, Rocket Software is dedicated to ensuring MultiValue technology continually evolves, enabling businesses to achieve their goals, both now and in the future.

MultiValue Modernization - Adapting for the Future: Modernization is an ongoing process that requires careful planning and foresight. In this episode, Mike and his co-host Patrick Payne are joined by Hernando Borda to discuss rethinking existing business logic as the first step in modernizing a MultiValue solution. This valuable conversation explores the choices organizations face when modernizing and how to align solutions with future needs.

Listen to episodes on the Rocket Software MV podcast web page or find the podcast wherever you listen, including on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.