Rocket Software Launches New Interconnected Website for all Product Families

Rocket Software has launched a new website. The Rocket team has worked with an external vendor, integrating 16 micro sites with 2,900 pages into a single interconnected website, moving from product families into a consistent single Rocket brand. According to Rocket, visitors to the site can expect to see an integrated view of Rocket’s offerings from multiple dimensions: product families, solutions, and themes as well as a common Rocket customer and partner page. 

This new unified site provides better tracking across all pages, an increase in SEO value, easier navigation across the product families, and consistency across product pages to make it easier to understand and compare features.

With the launch of the new website, the term “brand” is transitioning internally and externally to the nomenclature of “product family.” All current marketing materials, such as whitepapers, downloads, and trials, will now be available on the product pages of the Rocket Software website. 

In addition, all marketing materials on the new website will be grouped by product, rather than by brand as they were on the old site. According to Rocket, the easiest way for customers to find the U2 product family is via the search box in the upper right.

Visit the Rocket Software website at