Rocket Software Launches Open Source Delivery and Support Model for IBM Z

Rocket Software has introduced Rocket Open AppDev for Z, a new approach for the mainframe community to securely adopt, manage, and obtain support for IBM Z ported open software.

According to Rocket, open source technologies offer users many modernization and efficiency benefits, especially in mainframe development.

However, this often leads individuals and development teams to take a do-it-yourself approach when they download, install, and use these tools. Open source tools can also be combined with different products developed by different communities and can be undermanaged, leading to version latency and code vulnerabilities. The result is that unintentional regulatory and security risks can be created for the business.

Rocket Open AppDev for Z helps mitigate the risks associated with open software by offering a solution that provides developers with a package of open tools and languages that they want, along with the security, management, and support IBM Z customers require.

“We wanted to solve three common customer challenges that have prevented enterprises from leveraging the flexibility and agility of open software within their mainframe environment: user and system programmer experience, security, and version latency,” said Peter Fandel, Rocket’s product director of open software for Z. “With Rocket Open AppDev for Z, we believe we have provided the most innovative, secure path forward for our customers. Businesses can now extend the mainframe’s capabilities through the adoption of open source software, making IBM Z another valuable platform for their DevOps infrastructure.”

To meet these common customer challenges, Rocket Open AppDev for Z provides:

  • Tools curated for IBM z/OS, along with Rocket’s support.
  • A secure delivery and deployment system that gives administrators control over user access to ensure that they are only using open software from trusted sources.
  • A solution to manage version currency through Rocket’s automated porting technology.

“It’s not even a question anymore: Open source is the future of technology, and organizations that don’t embrace this are going to be left behind,” said Milan Shetti, president of Rocket’s Z Systems Business Unit. “We are focusing our innovation on creating tools that people need to access, use, and benefit from mainframe systems. This year has been extremely challenging, yet legacy systems have proven their worth every single day. Open source is only extending the amazing results that these technologies power.”

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