Rocket Software Mainstar Brand Announces New IMS Cloning Technology

Rocket Software has introduced new Mainstar technology designed to clone IMS systems without the need to shut them down to do so. Now, instead of waiting for hours, companies can have a clone in minutes at a lower cost without affecting production, the vendor says.

The new release, called Clone and Rename for IMS (ICR), provides improved data access by simplifying and automating the process of cloning entire IMS subsystems or databases. "Today's data centers can't afford downtime, and yet they require it to create test, quality assurance and read-only environments," Kelly Smith, a business unit executives for the Rocket Software's IMS tools, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "By cloning IMS systems while they are up, those companies with IMS can maintain high availability of their production IMS data."

ICR - and its Rapid Database Refresh for IMS (RDR) feature - are storage-aware solutions that use storage processor fast-replication facilities to clone IMS systems and refresh databases quickly and effectively. ICR and RDR simplify, automate, and speed up IMS system cloning and database refresh operations, while at the same time using fewer CPU, I/O, and storage resources than traditional methods by offloading the copy process to the storage processor.

According to Rocket Software, ICR clones IMS systems without having to shut down IMS, which maintains high availability of production data by suspending log updates for the milliseconds it takes to copy the IMS volumes with fast replication.

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