Rocket Software Makes Popular U2 Lab Sessions Available Online

Rocket is offering online lab sessions to provide customers with a convenient way to learn about new U2 features such as RESTful web services and U2 replication.

A popular component of Rocket Software’s U2 University training events is the hands-on labs that are offered. With this new offering U2 is taking some of the favorite labs and making them available to everyone online.

After a brief overview by the instructor in a virtual classroom (similar to a WebEx or GoToMeeting session), users get their own lab environment via a URL and can work through the lab guide, which provides a chance to use the tool and see how it works with step-by-step instructions.  The instructor is available for the whole 3 hours to assist with any problems or questions.

Current labs available include Lab100: U2 RESTful Web Services, which covers how to create and consume U2 RESTful Web Services. 

A second session, Lab200: U2 Replication, shows the basics of getting up and running with U2 Replication and enables users to get hands-on experience by setting up two systems with a failover/failback relationship; setting up account and file level replication groups; setting the U2 configurables that control replication; and using the graphical tools to monitor a  replication environment.

In addition, Lab300: U2 EDA Replication offers hands-on experience combining the power of U2 Replication with External Database Access (EDA) to populate data warehouses and enables attendees to walk through the steps of setting up Replication with EDA in multiple server environments.

See the list of available labs and their pricing.