Rocket Software Marries the Mainframe to the Cloud with Latest Development

Rocket Software, a global technology provider that develops enterprise software, is releasing Rocket Content Automation, enabling critical operational connections between disparate systems and data sources without introducing mainframe migration or compliance risks.

Rocket Content Automation drives collaboration between business and IT organizations, creating enhanced experiences with seamless automation across the Rocket Content Services portfolio, modernizing enterprise customers’ content and data landscapes, according to the company.  

Rocket Software fully bridges mainframe, distributed, and cloud technologies with a single, end-to-end technology fabric so organizations can easily and securely shift data, processes, and applications off the mainframe.

Modernization efforts can take years to implement, but Rocket Content Automation accelerates the timeline to integrated, end-to-end processes that more closely align internal processes to support customer-facing initiatives, according to the company.

“Automation is the lynchpin for data and information modernization. With Rocket Content Automation, customers can connect their legacy systems to modern business processes designed with modern tools,” said Chris Wey, president, data modernization business unit, Rocket Software. “Rocket Software is the only software provider to offer a unified solution for automation that is integrated into the product architecture and built for security and scalability.” 

Rocket Content Automation is a closed-loop environment, providing an end-to-end audit of all activity into a single dashboard and enabling organizations to scale the solution as their organization grows.  

Rocket Software’s solution combines data from different sources into a single dashboard, drives integration with other systems, and ensures that information across the enterprise is fully up to date regardless of systems.

Additional key benefits of Rocket Content Automation include:

  • Enhanced business insights through a comprehensive audit view that tracks all highly governed automation and information actions.
  • Improved scalability, security, and workload sophistication through a standards-compliant automation engine that is baked into the product architecture and seamlessly molds with enterprise ecosystems such as ERPs, cloud, and on-premise systems and solutions.
  • Increased access to real-time mainframe information through revamped modern APIs, a custom user experience tool chain, and the information governance services of Rocket’s Content Platform, including federation to all enterprise content with proven first party technologies.
  • Powerful self-serve capabilities with dashboards and reports using familiar and existing tools like Tableau and Power BI that leverage advanced data quality and content to ensure correctness.

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