Rocket Software Opens Mainframe Data Stores

Rocket Software, Inc. is now shipping a new product that enables mainframe data to better integrate with enterprise business intelligence and analytics initiatives. The new software, Rocket z/SQL for IBM System z, provides access from any system to non-relational mainframe data without moving data off the mainframe.

"We recognize that data is a huge challenge and a huge opportunity,” says Sam Elias, vice president and general manager for Rocket. "Our customers see real value in accessing their data in place with standard off -the-shelf tools that speak SQL. Rocket z/SQL makes non-relational data as simple to access as an Excel spreadsheet.”

Rocket z/SQL employs proprietary integration architecture to perform all data transformations and joins in place -- on the mainframe -- with reduced processing costs, the vendor says. Traditional approaches require complex techniques, steps, and processes that move, copy, and transfer mainframe data before information can be used by applications and decision makers.

More information is available on Rocket z/SQL at