Rocket Software Plans U2 University; Launches New Products

Rocket Software is offering two webinars in October. The first is an overview of the upcoming U2 University event, to be held in Denver, November 9-11. Registration is now open for Oct 6, 2010 9 am MDT and Oct 6, 2010 4 pm MDT.

The second webinar will provide an overview of the architecture and new features in Web DE V5.0, including a new architecture, National Language Support/I18N, Eclipse deployment tooling, 24x7 support, updated security, and auto-generation of RBOs. Registration is now open for Oct 20, 2010 9 am MT and
Oct 20, 2010 4 pm MT.

Rocket is also looking for customers to participate in a beta program for UniVerse 11.1 on Linux and Windows. If interested, send email to

Additionally, Rocket has announced SB+ and SBClient V5.5. According to the company, SB+ and SBClient V5.5 resolve menu display issues in Windows Aero more and removes Btrieve from SBClient to eliminate conflict with third-party software that also uses Btrieve. This release also includes rebranding as Rocket Software products, and changes the default grace period for authorization to 10 days.

For more information about the Rocket U2 family of products, go here.