Rocket Software Prepares to Host its MV TechDay

Rocket Software will present its annual MV TechDay on April 15 in Phoenix, Arizona, providing an opportunity for developers, architects, and IT staff to discuss how to extend their applications by leveraging the latest development environments.

“This one-day educational event is a great opportunity to learn so much, quickly and effectively,” said Janet Cioffi-Kennedy, Rocket senior account manager, MV Channel. “Adding critical components such as business intelligence and mobile enablement to existing MV-based apps is vital for a complete solution.”

During the MV Tech Day, Rocket solutions engineer Dorien Gardner will give a two-and-a-half-hour presentation and demonstration of Rocket Mobile for MultiValue, sharing the process of building and deploying a complete mobile application that leverages MultiValue data sources.

“By spending just one short day at this event, the developers, architects, and IT staff responsible for business solutions based on Rocket MultiValue data servers, tools, and related technology, can learn about new and exciting approaches for taking their applications mobile and adding self-service business intelligence,” Cioffi-Kennedy said.

The day will be capped off with another presentation and demonstration about Rocket’s new self-service business intelligence solution Rocket Discover for MultiValue, including how to enhance and enrich data, and how to create dashboards and simple reports.

For information on attending Rocket’s MV TechDay,  go here.