Rocket Software Releases U2 WebDE and Seeks Beta Customers for U2 DataVu 2.0

Rocket Software has released the U2 Web Development Environment (U2 WebDE).  It is limited to use with the personal editions of UniData and UniVerse, but will allow customers and consultants the opportunity to try out this product free of charge, notes Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, U2 Brand, Rocket Software.

In addition, Rocket Software is also seeking customers who want to participate in the Early Adopter Program for U2 DataVu 2.0.  U2 DataVu V2.0 contains a number of enhancements, including one-click generation of charts from the results grid; wizard-driven "quick reports"; predictive analytics; result set filtering and improved parameter prompting; flexible result set joining and appending; support for cross-tabulations; and drill-down scenarios from within a single result set.

For the U2 DataVu 2.0 Beta, interested customers should email

And, for information about the Personal Edition of U2 Web Development Environment, go to