Rocket Software Releases Updated Version of its Business Intelligence Platform

Rocket Software is releasing an enhanced version of its Discover platform, boosting the self-service business intelligence platform for MultiValue customers.

Rocket Discover 1.6, with its native interface to Rocket D3, UniVerse and UniData databases, will enable business users to connect to MV data sources through secure Web services, and use Discover’s interface for data visualization and discovery, and collaboratively share dashboards.

For the first time, MV users can easily create the dashboards and visualizations to help drive their business forward without having to take data out of MV and spend hours massaging it to get key insights.

“It allows decision makers to collaborate on the views they are being provided, they can work through finding the outliers, which is very important to the business,” said John Bramley, vice president at Labs at Rocket Software.

The addition of new BI capabilities reinforces Rocket’s commitment to its customers to maximize investment in the MV platform.

 “What we’re really excited about is really being able to give our MV partners and direct customers direct access to applications that they’ve pioneered and needed insight into,” said Julianna Cammarano, Director of Product Marketing.

 As a self-service BI solution, Discover enables executives and business users to experience a hands-on approach to BI exploration and visualization. Discover’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies and speeds data analysis while reducing reliance on IT personnel.

Rocket will continue to work with its partners to provide them a solution that is easily integratable, according to Bramley.

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