Rocket Software Ships New Application Modernization Suite

Rocket Software, Inc., an application modernization vendor, announced the availability of a new application modernization suite, now based on the open source Eclipse development environment, and offering new features and functions, including support for Java in CICS environments, and support for System z specialty engines. 

LegaSuite 6 offers several new features and components, including having all LegaSuite application modernization tools in Eclipse. This provides new development and productivity features including drag-and-drop functionality, multiple undo functionality, improved script debugging, and a native text editor. The new LegaSuite Workbench also brings a number of key benefits, including true team-based development and integration with any source control environment.

LegaSuite runtime engines have been simplified so that a single runtime engine can simultaneously work with mainframe, IBM i, and UNIX applications, according to Rocket.  Additional new features include an automated functional testing tool, Java runtime in CICS, and support for all IBM System z specialty engines. LegaSuite 6 now supports all System z specialty engines - System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), System z Application Assist Processor (zAAP), and Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL).

"Our goal is to help businesses eliminate risk and meet very aggressive time-to-market requirements at an exceptionally low cost to the alternatives," says Sam Elias, general manager of application development, integration, and modernization at Rocket Software. "We're introducing entirely new modernization tools for what businesses need today. And by bringing the entire LegaSuite portfolio into the industry standard Eclipse environment, customers can now practice team-based development more effectively and produce higher quality solutions in less time and with less risk."

More information is available at the Rocket Software website.