Rocket Software Ships SOA-Enabled Integration Suite

Rocket Software announced the availability of an application integration tool to help organizations SOA-enable their existing applications and data. The new release, LegaSuite Integration 5.2, provides a single application integration software tool to enable IT organizations to create web services from existing applications and data on mainframe, IBM i, OpenVMS and Windows client/server platforms.

The overall economic climate has made the adoption of service-oriented architecture solutions mainstream,  Sam Elias, business area executive worldwide for Seagull products at Rocket Software, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "If you look at the last 3 or 4 years, there might have been a lot of trial balloon projects to see if this is the real thing. But we are finding right now that this is mainstream," Elias notes.  "With this reality coming along, we basically took our existing technologies and we went to the next level."

By providing a single application integration software tool from a developer's point of view, says Elias, "They can go and accommodate their web services generation across all platforms." Whether they are trying to generate web services across a 3270 platform or a 5250, or a VT or Windows, they are using the same development platform, he explains. "Similarly, when it comes to runtime, we streamline, so you have one runtime server, but it is intelligent enough to understand what platform you are servicing so you don't have to have different server software for different implementations."

The new release also provides a macroflow modeler to orchestrate composite services using drag-and-drop functionality; extensive support for IBM CICS Transaction Server V4.1; as well as enhancements to database service building.

For organizations that rely on the IBM mainframe, LegaSuite Integration takes advantage of all the next-generation functions offered by IBM's CICS TS V4.1 like event processing, ATOM feeds, and plug-ins to CICS Explorer.

"In today's economy, IT software budgets in companies and public sector organizations are going towards getting the most out of the technology that they already have installed," comments Elias.

For more information about LegaSuite Integration 5.2, go here.