Rocket Software Sneak Peek: Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience

Rocket Software is gearing up to release the Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: P), a system monitoring tool for Rocket UniVerse enabling users to understand and enhance UniVerse performance.

“Through multiple customer engagements in 2019, we learned that MV Application Server maintenance and performance monitoring tools were top of mind for our customers.” said Zain Master, senior product manager (MV cloud and tools). “We pivoted early in 2020, even before the pandemic to focus on this unmet need. In hindsight, this was a great move as it gave us the time to focus on building this brand-new product properly. Given that everyone was remote, our customers defined for us the need to include this new remote working perspective and insights needed into development of the MultiValue Performance Experience.

Simply put, MVX: P helps users identify and escalate performance-impacting events. Escalated events include possible resolutions and a snapshot of contextually relevant data captured when the event triggered, allowing users to easily track the source of the issue and address it.

“Users are alerted the moment something happens including what may have caused the problem,” Zain said. “This helps customers drill down into the root cause of the issue and take the next step to improve UniVerse performance. And MVX: P presents monitoring and performance impacting information in an easy to view and use dashboard that relays info from the event perspective.”

In addition to monitoring performance impacting Events, MVX: P also monitors Sessions and Locks plus allows users to deep dive into specific Process IDs (PIDs).

“MVX: P also includes a reporting function so users can deep dive into relevant data to understand where there to focus without having to search for information surrounding the event,” Zain said. “This application, we believe, will be very powerful for our users. We’re very excited about providing MVX: P to our customers. Our Alpha and Beta customers said it will help them significantly reduce workload.”

MV Performance Experience enables an organization to:

  • Address performance issues quickly: By connecting multiple serial numbers, including Cloud-based and on-prem UniVerse instances, you can monitor them all from one screen. When combined with the MVX: P notification engine and email alerts, you have a powerful performance monitoring solution.
  • Guidance & Data snapshots : Each performance impacting event that is escalated is accompanied with a snapshot of data that was captured when the event trigged and includes a set of steps to provide guidance to quickly address the issue.
  • Prevent system slow down: Numerous events like record/file/group lock, license usage, etc. ensure you don’t exceed thresholds.
  • Maximize system availability: Alerts to increase file/transaction log size help you avoid crashes.
  • Know when to activate new UniVerse users and Connection Pools to meet spikes in demand: License Limit Warnings alert you if you’re approaching maximum usage of both your UniVerse and Connection Pool licenses along with trend and historical usage
  • Allow your team to focus on your business: The MVX: P notification engine and email alerts mean your DBA is freed from sitting in front of a screen monitoring UniVerse
  • Improve user experience: Performance monitoring, notification, and proactive measures help UniVerse run at optimal performance levels, improving user efficiency and experience

As we’ve developed MVX: P, Rocket is also taking a very agile approach and considering input from customers. While the company is proud of the interface we’ve built, we understand that some of our customers may have created a UI they’d like to leverage, so MVX: P also offers APIs for consumption.

“Users can also subscribe to notifications about performance. We have a powerful reporting engine to make sure customers receive alerts and digests (daily/ weekly) so, they can focus on other projects, not solely on monitoring their UniVerse system,” Zain said.

Rocket has plans to also introduce additional monitoring features including Replication Performance, File Health, and CPU/Memory, according to Zain.

MVX:P will be free to UniVerse partners and customers with an active maintenance agreement later this year.

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