Rocket Software Wraps Up U2 University in Denver; Looks Ahead to U2U in the U.K.

Earlier this month, Rocket U2 kicked off U2 University in Denver with the first-ever Rocket Day. According to Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, U2 Brand, Rocket Software. Rocket Day, which was held on day-one of the conference, provided an opportunity for attendees to explore additional software available from Rocket. "We had over 150 people attend the keynote session and business unit overviews before splitting into the three separate technical tracts and two hands-on lab sessions held simultaneously. We released the new U2 Toolkit for .NET (U2NETDK) the Friday prior to the event, and had two very well-attended sessions on this new offering."

The most popular lab at the conference, Siegesmund says, was the one on U2 RESTful Web Services because many attendees wanted to learn how to use the new interface, released at the end of January. "With U2U U.S. behind us, the team is now focusing on the upcoming event in the U.K., June 26-28," says Siegesmund. "While we won't have all of the Rocket-product sessions, we will present those that interface easily with U2 - including one on the new text analytics capabilities that will be part of a future release of U2 DataVu."

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