Rocket Software helps IBM i Users Prioritize Projects That Deliver Higher Value to the Enterprise

Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enterprise software for some of the world’s largest companies, is releasing the newest version of Rocket Intelligent Legacy Automation (Rocket ILA) for IBM i users.

Rocket ILA 10.2.0 provides new features within Rocket Process Insights and will help business analysts, IT managers, developers, and product managers involved in the modernization journey to build smarter, more effective modernization plans.

Rocket ILA is a suite of modernization products, including Rocket Process Insights, which saves Rocket customers both time and money by creating a data-informed and personalized blueprint of key workflows associated with applications in use.

Rocket Process Insights assists users at the start of their modernization journey and confirms the best course of action behind a modernization plan. With Rocket ILA 10.2.0, IBM i users can trigger the automation process behind the creation of APIs and RPAs as informed by their modernization plan with a simple click.

Rocket Process Insights is a visual tool that lets users see their workflows in totality and tracks how the organization engages with the data and business logic of IBM i applications.

In addition to automatically triggering the creation of APIs and RPAs, with Rocket Process Insights users can:

  • See a 360-degree view of the functions their IBM i applications perform.
  • Prioritize projects that best deliver higher value to the enterprise and help build a smart modernization plan.

Users can run Rocket Process Insights every time they start a new phase of their modernization plan, making it a valuable asset during the entire modernization process, according to the vendor.

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