Rocket Software to Host MV TechDays for U2

Rocket Software will be hosting a series of one-day technical events in the U.S. and Australia targeted at developers, architects, and IT staff responsible for business solutions based on Rocket U2 data servers, tools, and related technology.

Speaking at the event will be Michael Byrne, Rocket MultiValue evangelist for the Rocket U2 and Rocket D3 family of software. Byrne had previously joined UniData in the roles of consultant and senior technical application support engineer. After running his own software development company for 5 years, he returned to the team.

“The goal is to get customers excited about all the development options we have with our MultiValue and complementary technologies, focusing on modernizing their applications and other business drivers they face today,” said Byrne. “More than simply talking about what the technology could do, we will actually transform a legacy application throughout the day, exploring how this is accomplished with each of the technologies.  Attendees will leave the tech day with a greater understanding of how to actually implement some concepts and hopefully an eye opening experience of possibilities with our MultiValue platform.

The TechDays events will include an overview of the product roadmap, an examination of  the base application, and a discussion about modernization challenges; as well as cover integration using RESTful Services, dynamic objects and JSON; user interface options: wIntegrate, SB/XA, Visual Studio .NET; web applications using REST, AngularJS, and Bootstrap CSS; mobile apps using Rocket Mobile Builder and U2 Web DE; software lifecycle management using Aldon; extending a core application with Security, HADR, file sharing (R/Link), Python; adding Dashboards with CorVu; and monitoring U2 servers with NetCure.

Rocket MV TechDays will be held in Denver, CO on Oct. 13; in Irvine, CA on Oct. 15; in New York, New York, on Nov. 4; in Atlanta, GA on Nov. 6; as well as in Melbourne, AU and Sydney, AU on dates to be announced.

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