Rocket Software’s System Builder Extensible Architecture 6.2.2 Provides National Language Support

Rocket Software has announced the availability of System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) which allows users to rapidly build robust business solutions. By applying SB/XA Designer default styles, users indicate mandatory fields and where intuitive help is available.  In addition, Outlook-style menus can be included to create an environment that feels familiar to users.  Data can be reported out to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or XML formats, giving users access to their data in their preferred business application.

Along with the new SB/XA Designer and integration with Rocket CorVu Business Intelligence tools, SB/XA now provides National Language Support (NLS) to UniVerse customers, enabling them to store data in many character sets.  The new support addresses the increasing globalization of the world economy, requiring software developers to implement solutions that can be easily adapted to different languages, cultures, customs, and regulations in order to establish a stronger presence in the worldwide market. With multi-language translation in SB/XA, NLS support allows organizations to run their business in the language and data format of their choice.

All of Rocket U2’s ISV partners have contracts that allow them to sell their applications worldwide. The addition of NLS was prompted by a customer that had an application that is used in other geographic regions already and wanted its call center people to use to be able to use it in their native tongues, Susie Siegesmund, vice president and general manager, Rocket Software's U2 business area, tells DBTA.

NLS is provided as an additional installation option in 6.2.2, notes Vinnie Smith, head of development for the Rocket Software U2 tools product line. Customers who currently have SB applications had previously been limited in terms of their ability to roll out their applications to a global audience, but now, they can reach into new markets with existing applications. “SB/XA can just handle that for you transparently.”

Additional information is available about SB/XA 6.2.2 product features