Rocket U2 Announces Improved Format for Release of U2 Clients and Tools

Rocket U2 now has an improved way of releasing clients and tools and instead of labeling them as UniData clients or UniVerse clients, it will now release U2 Clients and DB Tools that work for both databases.

The first release, U2 Clients, consisting of the client APIs and DB Tools, will include the tools based on the Eclipse development platform.  According to U2, because most of the components of U2 Clients and DB Tools are shared for both UniData and UniVerse (with the exceptions of ODBC drivers and the VSG utility), they will be released simultaneously for both databases.  By introducing U2 Clients in this format, U2 can make uniform releases more often and will also avoid confusion when sending users of one database to a release of a tool that was released with the other database.

The first version of U2 Clients, which is now in the process of being released, will include the following common clients:

  • UniDK
    • InterCall
    • JDBC
    • Java Persistence API (U2JPA)
    • UniOLEDB
    • UCI (for UniVerse)
    • UniObjects for Java
    • UniObjects for .NET including Compact Framework
    • UniObjects
  • Dynamic Connect
  • Visual Schema Generator (VSG) for UniData
  • UniData 32-bit ODBC Driver
  • UniVerse 32-bit ODBC Driver
  • UniVerse 64-bit ODBC Driver

Users are advised to check the documentation for each database to learn more about the clients, and be aware that the U2 Clients release will now be installed in the C:\U2 directory. 

The version number for the U2 Clients package will be based on the month and year of the release. The version number of the individual clients has changed to more easily identify the correct component and version number for support issues.  Customers should check the U2 Clients readme contained on the package installation menu for details about component versions, product fixes, and important notes pertaining to this release.

U2 Clients and DB Tools are available at no charge.

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