Rocket U2 Launches SaaS Offering, Adds Product Updates, and Plans U2U in Australia – August 14-16

Rocket U2 has announced the general availability of a SaaS license offering that gives partners the flexibility to private host their applications and offer them on a subscription basis.  In addition, the initial version of U2 Toolkit for .NET (U2NETDK) was recently released, providing a .NET platform for U2 that combines an integrated ADO.NET provider for the U2 databases, LINQ to Entity, and the native UniObjects for .NET API. .NET programmers can choose from a wide variety of languages, including C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, and IronPython, and use the best language for their application to access their U2 data.

According to Rocket U2, the new U2 Toolkit for .NET delivers the intelligent and flexible future of .NET programming interfaces to UniData and UniVerse. Use U2NETDK to build, deploy and manage innovative, high-performing, reliable, secure applications and services of all types.

U2 DBTools now uses the online update abilities provided by the Eclipse framework. This enables U2 to do regular monthly releases of bug fixes for selected components via the new updates website.  Users must have the March 2012 version of the DBTools installed as a prerequisite to install from the U2 Update Site. The first monthly release was at the end of April and included numerous bug fixes for XAdmin. The May release includes several bug fixes for U2 MetaData Manager. U2 also continues to provide full releases, which will roll up all these monthly fixes along with bigger enhancements.

Rocket U2 is also planning its third U2 University of the event for Australia (Darling Harbour-Sydney) for August 14-16. For more information, go to