Rockset Partners with Tableau to Enable Users to See NoSQL Data in Real Time

Rockset, the serverless search and Analytics Company that enables real-time SQL on NoSQL data, is introducing the capability to build interactive, live Tableau dashboards on NoSQL data, without requiring users to write a single line of code.

Making it possible to capture NoSQL data from sources such as Apache Kafka and Amazon DynamoDB, Rockset provides access to new data types and formats, allowing Tableau users to realize the full potential of operational monitoring and analytics on their business data.

“Many customers struggle to capture and make sense of their NoSQL data,” said Nick Brisoux, director of product management at Tableau. “With Rockset, our customers can build real-time Tableau dashboards by easily connecting to a variety of unstructured, streaming data sources, helping them make more informed business decisions.”

Rockset is a serverless search and analytics engine in the cloud that makes it easy to build fast operational applications on terabytes of data simply using SQL

Rockset’s partnership with Tableau delivers real-Time SQL Dashboards on NoSQL Data from DynamoDB and real-Time SQL Dashboards on NoSQL Data from Apache Kafka

“As unstructured and semi-structured data needs continue to evolve, NoSQL databases like DynamoDB and event streaming platforms like Kafka are quickly gaining momentum, bringing with them the additional complexity of less structured, higher velocity data,” said Venkat Venkataramani, co-founder and CEO of Rockset. “Businesses need to make sense of their NoSQL data while moving from batch to real-time analytics, but legacy ETL pipelines are ill-suited to meet this need. Rockset enables the ability to do fast SQL on NoSQL, enabling Tableau users to easily analyze data from sources such as DynamoDB and Kafka.”

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