Rosslyn Analytics Achieves SAP Certification

Rosslyn Analytics Ltd’s RAPid Extract Studio 2.0 is now SAP-certified to integrate with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, providing users a rapid the approach to obtain data from SAP software.

The pre-built solution integrates with SAP solutions, allowing business and IT teams to cut the time and cost of accessing data for analytics projects by enabling them to start to automatically extract SAP data more quickly, according to Rosslyn Analytics.

“Integrating disparate data sources into a single view is one of the biggest challenges for organizations,” said Hugh Cox, founder and chief data officer at Rosslyn Analytics. “Rosslyn Analytics solves the big-data access problem with RAPid Extract Studio, probably one of the fastest ways to extract data from SAP software, so there are no more costly delays in the analytics journey.”

The certification allows RAPid Extract Studio 2.0 to intergrate with SAP NetWeaver 7.31 to read data flexibly from SAP tables.

With data in one place, users can now centralize, classify and improve data quality so it is useful and relevant in real time. Simply put, it is a ready-to-use analytics resource center with apps and self-service tools in one place for everyone.

RAPid Extract Studio is free for immediate use by registering on Rosslyn Analytics’ Apps Center. 

In addition to achieving SAP certification, Rosslyn Analytics has joined the SAP PartnerEdge program.

The program permits partners to work closely with SAP to develop and certify the technical integration of their solutions with SAP software.

Integrated partner applications extend, complement, and add value to SAP solutions, helping customers more successfully meet business needs and drive strong results.

For more information about Rosslyn Analytics’s certification or the PartnerEdge program, vist