Rosslyn Analytics Launches Automated Data Analytics Solution

Rosslyn Data Technologies, formerly known as Rosslyn Analytics, has announced the immediate availability of RAPid One-Click Data Analytics, a new suite of self-service automated analytic (SaaS) solutions, a new suite of self-service automated analytic (SaaS) solutions targeted at helping to reduce the time to visibility and insight.

According to the vendor, Rosslyn fast-tracks decision making by automating the steps required to extract, transform, load (ETL) and improve data quality for complete, accurate and timely analysis. 

RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics, the first of a line of RAPid One-Click Data Analytic solutions the company plans to launch over the next 12 months, is designed to help procurement teams obtain detailed spend visibility to better manage costs, compliance, and risk issues.

The automated RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics solution, the company says, provides detailed visibility into an organization’s suppliers within minutes of loading data into the RAPid Cloud Platform using two self-service tools to automatically extract data from SAP or load data from a CSV file.  Once the data is in RAPid, users have access to a pre-built, multi-tab dashboard for visualization.  They can then use self-service tools to improve data quality in real-time by normalizing supplier names, fixing incorrect or incomplete vendor addresses, and classifying spend to a defined taxonomy.

RAPid One-Click Spend Analytics is available from Rosslyn and its partners.