Rubrik Enterprise Proactive Edition Supports Data Security Posture Management

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Data Security Company, is releasing its Rubrik Enterprise Proactive Edition (EPE), combining DSPM with recovery designed for complete cyber resilience, wherever data lives.

Rubrik EPE allows organizations to secure mission-critical data for comprehensive protection, recovery, and resilience against cyberattacks, whether in a cloud, SaaS, or on-premises environment, according to the company.

Rubrik EPE comes on the heels of the company’s acquisition of Laminar, the leading DSPM company focused on Cloud. Together, Rubrik and Laminar are creating complete cyber resilience of its kind to bring together cyber recovery and posture across enterprise, cloud, and SaaS.

Rubrik EPE’s DSPM capabilities are critical to combating modern cyberattacks that may use trusted credentials to encrypt, destroy, or steal data.

Core capabilities include:
  • Providing comprehensive visibility across a hybrid environment, from cloud and SaaS to data centers
  • Monitoring data assets to identify sensitive data, protection levels, and user access policies
  • Delivering insight into activities taken on those data set
  • Discovering misconfigurations for IT and security teams to correct, and thereby reduce inadvertent data exposure


“Cyber threats have outpaced most companies’ ability to prevent them. Traditional security measures are obsolete; bad actors have more hacks, credential compromises and even AI at their disposal. Organizations are left to pick up the pieces wondering, ‘What will they think of next?’” said Mike Tornincasa, chief business officer of Rubrik. “With Rubrik EPE, businesses are now equipped to eliminate the fallout from an attack, whether bad actors are trying to destroy or publicly expose their critical data. I believe Rubrik will be the first and only solution of its kind, bridging cyber posture and recovery wherever data lives, for more complete cyber resilience.”

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