SADA Sets Goal to Expand Google Cloud Consumption with Latest Google Cloud Partnership

SADA, a business and technology consultancy and Google Cloud partner, announced a new three-year expansion of its relationship with Google Cloud—rolling out additional offerings and services that build upon Google Cloud solutions and capabilities.

The expanded relationship comes in response to increased demand from global brands and SaaS organizations that are making cloud an integral part of their digital transformation plans, migrating to and transforming with Google Cloud.

“Google Cloud is the path to digital transformation. The SADA and Google Cloud combination is an impactful one—and our goal for customers is to help them grow and scale while boosting innovation within their organizations,” said Tony Safoian, CEO and president of SADA. “The extended partnership will help propel our Google Cloud business to accelerate. We’re excited to drive our business forward, together with Google Cloud.”

The SADA-Google Cloud relationship, initially launched in 2006, drives adoption of Google Cloud’s platform and technologies through SADA’s expertise as a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

 In 2020, SADA announced a $500 million multi-year goal to drive the continued adoption of Google Cloud’s platform and technologies. Following its 2021 acquisition of ByteWave (now SADA India) and the opening of a Global Delivery Center in Armenia, SADA has set the stage for additional expansion into Europe and Asia Pacific. 

“Organizations are looking to completely transform their businesses with the cloud, from bringing mission-critical workloads into a cloud environment, to powering hybrid work, to launching entirely new digital businesses,” said Rob Enslin, president at Google Cloud. “Since going ‘all in’ on Google Cloud, the team at SADA has helped organizations across industries and markets transform in each of these areas and more. This announcement represents a commitment from SADA and Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation even further.”

SADA has also added and updated its current product and services portfolio. Launched in Jan. 2022, SADA POWER is a new services product line that combines Google Cloud’s technology and SADA expertise to deliver valuable cloud services and solutions in a consistent, scaled manner.

In 2021, SADA launched the SaaS Alliance Program, which allows Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies to accelerate their growth and maximize the value of Google Cloud.

The SaaS Alliance Program simplifies the tasks associated with raising awareness, finding sales leads, closing deals, scaling, and innovating in the highly saturated SaaS market, making them more cost-effective while amplifying sales and marketing efforts through SADA’s established channels.

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