SAI Global Introduces Risk and Compliance Platform Bundles

SAI Global, a leader in cloud-based Governance, Risk, and Compliance software and learning, is releasing an updated version of its flagship SAI360 risk platform, along with introducing SAI360 Platform Editions, purpose-built bundles that enable risk management best practices for any organization.

SAI360 Enterprise, Professional, and Essential Editions were designed by SAI Global's risk and compliance experts to fit any business's needs, get up and running quickly, and provide an actionable, connected data ecosystem with real-time insights.

Each bundle comes with access to a dedicated client success team committed to successful onboarding and speedy implementation, achieving customer goals in weeks, not months, drastically simplifying how to buy and rapidly accelerating time to value.

SAI Global's flexible, simplified and cross-functional use cases, aligned to risk management obligations, provides a solution to increasingly complex responsibilities for any step in an organization's journey and program maturity:

  • SAI360 Enterprise Edition: Unify and centralize your complete risk management and compliance training infrastructure with access to all solutions within SAI360
  • SAI360 Professional Edition: Take the next step on your GRC journey with rapidly deployed, purpose-built, cost-efficient SAI360 Professional Edition bundle for compliance, risk, and operational resilience teams
  • SAI360 Essentials Edition for GRC: Start with the basics and quickly implement an integrated approach to policy management and compliance training

"SAI360 Editions is a central part of our 2021 growth strategy and sets apart our platform leadership as the risk software market continues to reset amid the Covid-19 Pandemic," said Peter Granat, SAI Global CEO, "We have been listening intently as uncertainty continues to test the resilience of risk and compliance teams and we recognize the need for a more agile strategic partner. The Editions bundles enable us to meet our customers where they are, across all levels of risk management maturity, and offer an alternative to point-solutions that reinforce silos and limit digital transformation."

The first SAI360 release of 2021 also furthers the cadence of continuous use case enhancements for Operational Resilience and EHS and Operational Risk:

  • Reduce third-party and vendors risk with automated vendor onboarding, risk assessments and external data capabilities.
  • Mitigate high-priority risks with out-of-the-box content for a strong and resilient third-party posture.
  • Combine risk and crisis management with a solution designed for perpetual business continuity management to ensure operational resilience
  • Reduce risk exposure and reduce costs dynamically by mapping policies to regulations, risks, and controls to manage the impact of regulatory change on existing policies.
  • Track attestations and demonstrate policy compliance to regulators and senior executives. A single, secure online repository for all policies and procedures with automated email notifications about policy changes, escalation to managers and attestation support.

"2020 forced us all to revisit what it means to be risk-ready," said Anton Lissone, SAI Global CTO. "To drive customer success, we continue to focus and invest in our platform, technology, and solutions to empower risk management game-changers. These rapid deployment configurations of the SAI360 Platform are the culmination of hundreds of hours of in-the-field development, implementation and support and our hands-on best practice."

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