SAP Acquires Altiscale for its Complementary Approach to Big Data-as-a-Service

SAP has completed its acquisition of Altiscale, which provides a high-performance, scalable Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS) solution that includes full operational services.

The company announced this acquisition at Strata + Hadoop 2016 in New York City. With this acquisition Altiscale will operate as a focused and integrated BDaaS offering from SAP to help accelerate and operationalize Big Data deployment in the enterprise.

“SAP didn’t really have a Hadoop answer before it acquired Altiscale, before it was getting to Hadoop through partnerships but now it has Alitscale that is a big data offering that is complimentary to SAP Vora and the HANA Cloud platform,” said Barbara Lewis, vice president of marketing at Altiscale.

Several key factors that drove SAP’s decision to acquire Altiscale include complementary approaches to implementing enterprise Big Data solutions; sharing the overall focus of helping enterprises derive business value from data – and successfully leverage Big Data; Altiscale offering high job performance, reliability, and economic performance for Hadoop and Spark in the cloud; combining Altiscale and SAP HANA Vora will enable SAP to provide a holistic and accelerated Big Data solution, allowing businesses to quickly achieve positive business impact from Big Data; and more.

SAP and Altiscale are currently working to synchronize both companies’ technology, products and market perspectives.

SAP will be systematically evolving the Altiscale Data Cloud for integration into the SAP portfolio.

SAP and Altiscale will work closely with customers in the coming months to determine how SAP’s future Big Data and other data analytics offerings can best meet each customer’s unique needs.

“It works very well and it fills a needed gap,” said Michael Eacrett, vice president of product management of SAP HANA.

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