SAP Adds Enhancements to its Cloud platform, Boosting BI Capabilities and Adding iOS Integrations

SAP is making enhancements to its cloud platform, allowing users to take it on the go and adding comprehensive new business services to the solution.

SAP plans to deliver an SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, giving developers the tools needed to build powerful enterprise apps for iPhone and iPad devices.

“This is going to give our customers and partners the ability to have a beautiful toolset for them to use and look at inside their companies to build a native iOS application that leverages all of the SAP platforms in the background,” said Rick Knowles, SVP and GM of Apple Partnership at SAP.

The software development kit (SDK) is also intended to provide a rich library of prebuilt user experience (UX) components and easier access to innovative device capabilities — such as Touch ID, location services and notifications — to accelerate app development and increase adoption.

The new SDK is designed to enable developers to leverage mobile services and other capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform, providing enterprise features like single sign-on, offline data synchronization and enhanced supportability to fulfill the complex requirements of today’s digital enterprises.

“We’re excited to deliver this mobile app and it sits on top of the S/4 Professional services cloud,” Knowles said. “This is just a natural extension of those services that will be delivered in a mobile way. We’re excited to partner with Apple to develop a new ecosystem.”

SAP is also expanding its cloud platform, formerly known as SAP HANA Cloud Platform, with new capabilities and enhancement.

 With a comprehensive set of new business services, SAP Cloud Platform addresses the most critical business needs by making it easy and fast to build new applications, expedite the extension and integration of SAP apps, power innovative Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios, accelerate Big Data projects and enable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications.

New services that have been added to SAP Cloud Platform include SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, SAP Project Companion mobile app, SAP API Business Hub, SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service, SAP Cloud Platform Virtual Machine service, SAP Cloud Platform IoT service, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services, and  new data centers are located in Japan and China with full local language support.

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