SAP Adds New Capabilities in HANA and SAP Predictive Analytics Solution

SAP is releasing service pack 10 (SPS10) for the SAP HANA platform, and version 2.2 of SAP Predictive Analytics.


HANA SPS10 delivers new capabilities that will help customers connect with the Internet of Things (IoT) at enterprise scale, manage big data more effectively, further extend high availability of data across the enterprise, and develop new applications.

“This release takes a lot of the fundamentals that we have in SPS9 and expands upon them around the platform as a whole for a variety of use cases,” said Lori Vanourek, head of SAP HANA Platform Product Management. “We continue to develop and innovate across the platform.”

This new release will allow developers to build IoT and data-intensive mobile apps that leverage SAP HANA remote data synchronization between the enterprise and remote locations via the SAP SQL Anywhere suite.

Businesses can continue to harness big data using expanded smart data integration capabilities of SAP HANA to the latest Hadoop distributions from Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Additional enhancements for SAP HANA include faster data transfer with Spark SQL and a single user interface (UI) for SAP HANA and Hadoop cluster administration using Apache Ambari.

Companies will now be able to leverage the NUMA (non-uniform memory access) -aware architecture of SAP HANA to support large scale systems with more than 12TB of memory to rapidly process large data sets and improve overall business performance. Enhancements in workload management help further improve mixed workload performance to optimize resource more effectively.

The new spatial processing enhancements of SAP HANA include support for multidimensional objects and spatial expressions in SAP HANA models or SQLScript.

 “I definitely see with this release people getting that ‘aha’ moment with the type of availability and disaster recovery that’s within HANA,” Vanourek said.

SAP Predictive Analytics 2.2

In addition to the HANA update, SAP is also releasing its 2.2 version of SAP Predictive Analytics, extending the power of predictive analytics by enabling customers to get predictive insights on ultra-wide datasets to help make fast and accurate predictions in real time.

“This release is really around a better and smoother experience for both data scientists and business users,” said Ashish Morzaria, director of SAP Advanced Analytics. “Our focus is around improved support for ease of use, data sources and technologies.”

The new updates include support for the IoT and SAP ecosystem with wide datasets and integration with the SAP Business Warehouse application and offline mode.

Additionally, the update provides new algorithms in automatic predictive library (APL) and improved integration with views in SAP HANA.

Finally, the update improves R integration, new model comparison and features model management enhancements.

“This is about creating a better experience, making people more efficient, and having more agility with the tool,” Morzaria said. “This is something that our customers are looking for as predictive analytics becomes more and more democratized.”

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