SAP Allows Business One Cloud to Run on Data Centers Powered by SAP

SAP SE is offering the option to run the SAP Business One Cloud solution powered by the SAP HANA platform at data centers run by SAP, providing an end-to-end SAP-branded experience.

“We’re seeing more and more customers beginning to run their IT infrastructure in the cloud and we feel that to accelerate the adoption of HANA and make it available at competitive price points, we’ll host Business One on the SAP Cloud,” said Luis Murguia, svp and general manager of Business One at SAP.

SAP intends to increase value for partners and customers with the option of operating the solution in data centers run by SAP to facilitate a move to the cloud.

By taking advantage of this offer, partners can help SME (small and midsize enterprise) customers benefit from streamlined operations by using a solution that is Web-based and offers the same functionality as the on-premise version. The offering will be available first in North America, with expansion planned to Europe and Asia in 2016.

“They can do it from their own computers but can do it from the cloud using the SAP standards of robustness and security,” Murguia said.

New services offered for deploying SAP Business One Cloud includes backup and restore, disaster recovery, and platform maintenance.

Services provided by partners enable customers to benefit rapidly from the latest innovative SAP technologies with a cost-effective, on-demand, cloud-based delivery model of SAP software solutions.

SAP Business One Cloud is suitable for small and growing companies who seek to implement their first holistic ERP software.

“This benefits every employee that uses the system,” Murguia said. “It could be someone in sales looking for a customer, it could be someone in the finance department looking for a specific invoice, it could be someone in the purchasing department looking for an order, or it could be someone looking for employee records. The beauty of this is that it empowers anybody using the system to use it as easy as searching in something in Google today.”

It is also well-suited for affiliates of large enterprises, who require the agility and flexibility to adapt to larger corporate structures.

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