SAP Announces Multiple Platform Enhancements

SAP is making several announcements that will streamline operations for users with updates to its cloud platform, Business Hub, the introduction of Leonardo, and more.

The SAP Cloud Platform will offer an agile multi-cloud environment, enabling more flexible and broader cloud adoption, and accelerating digital transformation across the business.

Customers can now develop and run apps utilizing their choice of infrastructure providers, including full multi-cloud support through SAP, AWS (GA), Azure (beta), and Google Cloud Platform (demo showcase) – all managed in the new SAP Cloud Platform cockpit.

SAP Cloud Platform also now includes multi-language runtime environments, including Java, node.js as well as SAP HANA XS Advanced, based on Cloud Foundry.

 Additional announcements include the ability to discover, try, buy and deploy APIs, SAP partner apps and other digital business services in an optimized way.

The SAP API Business Hub added hundreds of new APIs for SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris, and SAP Ariba, as well as new integration flows and microservices for customers to test and deploy.

The SAP App Center now offers online discovery so users can easily try, purchase and use partner apps directly from the App Center. Enhancements to the App Center and API hub provide seamless digital downloads and app lifecycle management.

Leonardo will bundle a variety of SAP solutions that will allow enterprises to differentiate their business.

“We have big data on the platform, new machine learning algorithms on applications,” said Dan Lahl, vice president of product marketing. “We took all of our, what we call ‘mode two’ technologies, and wrapped those into this new initiative.”

Though still a database focused company, SAP will add more innovative business application services as the company looks toward the future, according to Lahl.

“It’s really exciting times at SAP,” Lahl said. “This is a really big change with Leonardo. It’s great to see that we’re answering the differentiator market with some really good products. It’s really exciting.”

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