SAP Announces New Capabilities in the Cloud with HANA

At SAP TechEd & d-code, SAP announced new innovations for the latest release of SAP HANA, the fall update of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and a new SAP API Management technology.

“It’s critical for our customers to simplify their businesses and to be able to innovate in the cloud,” said Björn Goerke, executive vice president, Products and Innovation Technology, SAP SE. “With the latest release of SAP HANA, we’re bringing new functionalities such as multi-tenancy to our cloud in order for our customers to truly innovate and simplify their business and development processes.”

New Release of SAP HANA, SPS9

The latest release of SAP HANA, service pack 9 (SPS9), provides advancements including multitenancy to simplify provisioning and management of multiple database workloads on premise and in the cloud; dynamic tiering to help cost effectively manage very large datasets and provide transparent access to critical data; and smart data integration and smart data quality to help simplify data provisioning, transformations, cleansing and enrichment.

In addition, an integrated smart data streaming option is available to process and analyze massive amounts of data in real time; high-performance, ACID-compliant graph storage and engine capabilities can be used to process enterprise data or highly interconnected social network and supply chain data; and HANA user defined functions (UDFs) for Hadoop enable HANA to access the map reduce jobs within Hadoop directly.

Fall Update of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform 

The updated SAP HANA Cloud Platform was released earlier this year. SAP is increasingly making it simple for partners to build applications on top of SAP HANA Cloud platform. key applications and innovations by customers and partners built on top of SAP HANA Cloud Platform were demonstrated at the show. New offerings include data synchronization and a push notifications API to enable delivery of apps that engage users; SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services that allow customers to build and deploy mobile apps that seamlessly integrate with on-premise or cloud-based systems; and the SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development that allows partners to build applications in the cloud, as well as leverage SAP HANA Cloud Integration technology and the SAP Jam social software platform.

SAP API Management Technology Cloud Beta Edition

In addition to SAP HANA SPS9 and the fall update of SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the SAP API Management technology cloud beta edition is now available, allowing business leaders to share digital assets and enable developer communities to utilize these assets in new channels, devices and user interfaces. Built on the Apigee Edge digital acceleration platform, SAP API Management will allow customers to provision APIs with integration to SAP applications and services, such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Gateway technology, on premise or in the cloud via SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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