SAP App Development Competition Spotlights User Experience

Highlighting its commitment and renewed focus of customer user experience, SAP recently conducted an app development competition.

By delivering a free online course titled “Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud” through the openSAP, the initiative resulted in the design of more than 1,500 unique SAP Fiori apps created by customers, partners, and students on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The challenge of developing SAP Fiori apps on the openSAP platform inspired thousands of participants to work within the context of their individual experiences to build for their own use cases, according to SAP.

“Every participant in the app challenge gained valuable skills in creating SAP Fiori apps for their own unique use cases while having a lot of fun amidst intense interaction, especially when compared to traditional learning experiences,” said Michael Kleinemeier, member of the Global Managing Board of SAP SE. “Enterprise gamification combined with SAP Best Practices packages, a cloud-based development environment and a massive open online course platform are a winning combination.”

SAP attributes the success of this effort to a number of factors such as holding weekly open forums specific to current course material focused on collaboration among learners and SAP experts. Participants gave valuable feedback that led into the following week’s course content.

SAP believes that the app creation challenge sparked competitive instincts that led to unusually high participation and completion rates. Additionally, peer reviews of the submitted apps made scalability in the grading process possible and many of the learner-submitted SAP Fiori apps were of production-level quality, a feat the judges credited to the fact that learning content was based on the tried-and-proven SAP Best Practices family of packages.

For more information about the competition, click here.