SAP Boosts the SAP Business Technology Platform with New Services

SAP is offering three new services to help customers get the full potential of the cloud using the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).

The new offering includes services for exploration, for process optimization and innovation as well as for re-platforming and extension development.

These services enable customers to implement a hybrid cloud environment, allowing them to respond rapidly to changing market conditions. The services also provide greater scalability to address ever-growing business needs.

“Our new services allow customers to realize the full business value of SAP BTP, gaining the benefits of the cloud and intelligent technologies while incorporating their existing IT landscape and investments,” said Maggie Buggie, chief business officer, customer success services, SAP. “From exploration of how to optimize mission-critical processes to creating a comprehensive road map for building scalable cloud applications to re-platforming existing custom applications, these services help our customers achieve greater effectiveness, efficiency and business agility.”

These new services provide customers business benefits including:

  • Gaining insights into possible hybrid cloud landscapes and designs that meet unique customer needs
  • Adapting a digital innovation strategy that ensures long-term success
  • Improving existing custom applications using cloud technologies for greater scalability, agility, flexibility and faster time to value
  • Discovering value and cost benefits by moving existing custom applications and new development to the cloud

Together these new services allow customers to leverage the full potential of SAP BTP, facilitating quick and agile reactions to constantly changing market, business and technology conditions and evolving customer demands, according to the vendor.

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