SAP Brings Predictive Technologies to SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP is boosting SAP Analytics Cloud with new machine learning features to uncover correlations in an organization’s data and help users make faster and more confident decisions.

The announcement was made at the Strata Data Conference held September 12-14 in New York City.

“Over the last couple of years we’ve been investing a huge amount of development resources in the area of augmented analytics,” said Richard Mooney, head of product management, advanced analytics, SAP. “The first one is a type of assistive technologies to enable business analysts to do their insights and analysis faster and also be able to build robust analysis.”

SAP’s machine learning-enabled SAP Analytics Cloud allows users to forecast future performance with just a single click.

 It also can provide risk and correlation detection, autonomous creation of advanced dashboards and storyboards, as well as hyper personalized insights into suppliers, vendors, and customers.

“This helps users overcome some of the problems around human bias, helping them to understand what they can infer from various different data analytics they have built,” said Mooney. “The second area we invested in is actually bringing predictive capabilities directly into analytics cloud.”

 With SAP Analytics Cloud, business users have simplified access to powerful capabilities that unlock complex insight and can automatically detect issues before they arise.

“Not only are we brining in assistive and exploratory capabilities, we’re also bringing cognitive capabilities into the analytics platform so we can now interact with the underlying data model and natural language search,” Mooney said. “The approach we’re doing is simplifying it to a huge degree and effectively enabling every business user to take advantage of machine learning without having to understand every detail.”

SAP Analytics Cloud is a cloud-based platform for all analytics, providing customers with seamless integration of data visualization, planning and predictive capabilities.

Users can access relevant, contextual information in one place, without the need for data replication processes eliminating out of context and stale information.

Intelligence and pre-built content from SAP Analytics Cloud can be embedded into line-of-business applications for many use cases including People Analytics, Customer Analytics, Segmentation Analysis, Distribution Analysis and Total Spend Analysis.

The company will continue to focus on accelerating adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud, co-innovate with customers on use cases, and more.

“We don’t want our customers to have a steep learning curve where they start off with an empty box, or start from scratch,” Mooney said. “We want to give them business questions and we want to capture their intentions.

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