SAP Enhances its SAP Cloud Platform to Drive Business Agility

SAP is updating its cloud platform to unlock and drive more business agility and business digital transformation, according to Dan Lahl, SAP’s vice president of product marketing.

“If you think about where cloud platform exists in the SAP portfolio I would use two analogies: either we’re the plumbing and electricity that makes the house go or we could be viewed as the glue that holds the house together,” Lahl said.

The update will highlight S4 HANA services and business events so that customers can quickly subscribe to and get new business events. This will allow users to extend and enhance business events so they can create their own events and pull them into S4 HANA.

The enhancements also include content management services that allow users to make sure they have the right documentation that goes along with creating events.

Other updates include data protection and privacy services, according to Lahl.

New APIs to get into SAP systems are also a big part of this update, allowing users to pull the SAP Cloud platform together with their business.

New updates also center around developing applications and digital transformation for the enterprise include a rapid application environment, enhancements for the portal product for more document and content management, the ability to run SAP Cloud platform on the Google Cloud platform, and more.

“We are totally committed to openness with Cloud Foundry and expanding the multi cloud capabilities of the SAP Cloud platform,” Lahl said.

SAP will continue to focus around giving developers the tools and the capabilities to extend existing applications, add more integration capabilities, and push into this new digital transformation where the cloud platform is the foundation of SAP Leonardo, Lahl explained.

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