SAP Extends Enhancements to Mac Users

SAP is enhancing its app experience to enterprise Mac users with the release of the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS version 5.0.

With support now for Mac Catalyst, the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables SAP and Apple customers to build, deploy, and run employee apps across iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Mac Catalyst enables developers to easily bring their iPad apps to run natively on macOS, utilizing the same frameworks and resources from their iPad apps, with the ability to add unique features just for Mac.

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, along with reusable design components provided by the SAP Fiori for iOS design language, enables developers to build intuitive, native applications on the services and capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform, and their back-end data systems.

“The world is becoming increasingly multitouch and multiexperience, requiring application delivery to mobile, desktop, laptop, kiosk or any other touch point,” said Dan Lahl, global vice president, SAP product marketing, SAP. “With SAP’s latest version of our iOS SDK that includes Mac Catalyst support, enterprises can now easily deploy new app experiences for their Apple users across iPhone, iPad and Mac, helping to fulfill SAP’s promise of the Intelligent Enterprise being available to everyone, anytime, on any point of interaction.”

While Mac Catalyst can quickly give iPad apps a head start to get up and running on macOS, developers can also adopt key macOS features such as menus, toolbars, full-screen sizing, and more.

These capabilities are compatible with the SAP Fiori for iOS design language, and APIs are available to implement platform-specific layouts or behavior within the same project, increasing code reuse and reducing cost.

Now, SAP and Apple developers will have the opportunity to deploy apps developed with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS to both the App Store and Mac App Store, in addition to their existing internal deployment mechanisms.

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