SAP Extends Support for Mission-Critical Custom Applications

SAP MaxAttention support is now available for solutions individually designed and built by the SAP Custom Development organization. These customer-specific solutions are often mission-critical and complex, addressing unique and competitive business needs. The support option helps to proactively protect custom development investments, simplifies operations by providing access through the same support infrastructure as for standard SAP solutions and provides greater flexibility for how support is delivered. This ultimately can translate into higher adoption rates with reduced errors and improved user satisfaction.

SAP Custom Development works with customers to build individualized solutions that address unique and mission-critical business needs and fit seamlessly with existing SAP software. By providing customers innovative applications without waiting for commercially available software, customers can adapt quickly to changing market and customer demands and stand out from the competition. SAP Custom Development services include comprehensive design, development, project management and support to conceptualize, build and maintain individualized solutions.

SAP MaxAttention delivers mission-critical support, using efficient methodologies and standards and all the tools required to perform integration validation. The support option contains a wide range of services to minimize technical risks associated with the optimization of complex software in the operational phase.  As a result of the expanded support, customers can call in experts on demand and engage the on-call duty support at critical times, such as a new software go-live or an application upgrade. Existing SAP MaxAttention support options can be deployed on customer solutions, including performance optimization, technical feasibility testing, integration validation and volume testing.

“By offering the same premium level of support for standard and custom solutions delivered by SAP, we cover our customers’ end-to-end business process,” said Uwe Hommel, executive vice president, SAP Active Global Support. “One team of experts will provide our customers with proven methodologies, comprehensive knowledge and engineering competence to deliver world-class, mission-critical support.”

More information about SAP MaxAttention and SAP Custom Development is available.