SAP Introduces New Predictive Analytics Capabilities to its Platforms

SAP SE is introducing new predictive capabilities within its platforms with the release of SAP HANA Cloud Platform predictive services 1.0 and SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5.

“These new updates are really improving the productivity of both the data scientists and analysts along with developers,” said Chandran Saravana, senior director of advanced analytics at SAP. “They don’t need to move data around.”

SAP Predictive Analytics 2.5 brings a new set of features such as Native Spark Modeling to analysts and data scientists intended to dramatically increase performance when analyzing data in Hadoop-based environments.

“With Spark you don’t need to move any type of data, you basically have the ability to analyze the spark element/any Hadoop connectivity element,” said Saravana. “Without moving your data you have the ability to apply your predictive analytics in billions of rows.”

The SAP HANA Cloud Platform predictive services update brings cloud-based predictive services for developers and partners to integrate predictive capabilities directly into their cloud-based applications.

SAP Predictive Analytics provides a platform to manage a massive number of predictive models to train and score against a variety of targets including enterprise relational sources, existing SAP systems, and Big Data sources either directly or through Spark.

 Version 2.5 of SAP Predictive Analytics is touted with increasing data scientist’s productivity through ensemble modeling and tighter integration with SAP HANA libraries along with performance and usability improvements.

Version 2.5 introduces Native Spark Modeling which leverages Spark to perform a number of automated predictive analysis tasks without requiring costly data transfers outside of the Hadoop environment. 

SAP Analytics 2.5 will benefit data scientists, analysts and business users, while the update on SAP HANA will assist developers and partners, according to Saravana.

“We will continue to add more key services as we move forward,” Saravana said.

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