SAP Introduces Solution that Uses Machine Learning to Power Predictions

SAP is introducing SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, a new machine learning-powered, data-driven insights service that makes it possible for executives to benchmark, plan, predict and simulate external talent scenarios.

The new SAP Fieldglass service is the result of partnering with SAP Data Network to create this capability that is powered by SAP HANA.

 With SAP Fieldglass Live Insights, organizations can benchmark market rates, hiring cycle times and supplier performance as part of a seamless process that culminates with decisions about external talent and their engagement, using SAP Fieldglass data and trusted supplemental third-party data that has been aggregated, anonymized, and normalized.

Organizations also can upload their own employee data into SAP Fieldglass Live Insights to gain visibility of their talent across channels in real time.

 “SAP Fieldglass Live Insights is the latest example of our commitment to help organizations transform how work gets done in a digital world where companies must move quickly to activate their workforce strategies and secure the talent that best suits their needs,” said Rob Brimm, president, SAP Fieldglass.

With this solution businesses can conduct cost-benefit analysis in real time to inform external talent decisions based on location, time to fill and other market metrics; determine competitive rates for talent that is needed to launch a new product or service, and requisition that talent in an uninterrupted workflow; and identify the optimal time to release requisitions for striking a balance between lead time and cost

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