SAP Makes Patents Available to Help Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic

SAP is adopting the Open COVID Pledge, committing to make all its patents available, at no cost, to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate its impact.

This pledge helps remove barriers to intellectual property and underscores efforts to use technology to help businesses and communities.

In addition to opening access to all patents, SAP is making select solutions free to businesses to ensure continuity, and the company created the Bringing Citizens Home initiative to help stranded citizens return home.

SAP is currently working with Deutsche Telekom to create the Corona-Warn App, on behalf of the German Federal Government, to help trace infection chains of SARS-CoV-2 in Germany.

The terms of SAP’s pledge to open access to its patents are defined in the Open COVID License – Patent (OCL-P) v1.1.

By opening access to its patents, innovation to aid in the fight against COVID-19 will thrive, according to SAP.

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