SAP Offers Special Pricing to University Students Looking for SAP Certification

SAP is offering special pricing to university students interested in obtaining SAP certification from the SAP Global Certification program.

Students can be certified as developers of the SAP HANA business data platform, a valuable skill in today’s job market, and earn other certifications from SAP for just €99.

By making SAP certification more accessible to students, SAP is furthering its commitment to continuous learning and empowering students with skills to be successful in today’s workforce.

SAP Global Certification for SAP HANA will be rolled out to academia through the Code with Purpose initiative sponsored by the SAP Next-Gen program.

The network reaches over 3,500 educational institutions in 113 countries. A full curriculum of free certification preparation courses are available to students through the openSAP platform. Students attending members schools of the SAP University Alliances program that offer courses in SAP HANA can also prepare for certification.

“By making the SAP Global Certification program affordable for students today, we are enabling the next generation of developers who will ‘code with purpose’ to drive innovations linked to the 17 UN global goals,” said Bernd Welz, SAP chief knowledge officer. “Our small investment in their studies will allow students to differentiate themselves in the eyes of prospective employers worldwide seeking skilled graduates with in-depth, documented knowledge of game-changing SAP technologies, including SAP HANA, the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system and other cloud-based applications.”

In addition to SAP HANA, students will have access to over 59 different certification exams in more than 20 languages for just €99 each.

With more than 378,000 companies using SAP software worldwide, earning certification from the SAP Global Certification program opens a wide range of international career opportunities to students.

Upon successful completion of any certification exam, students are awarded an SAP Global Certification digital badge that will serve as part of their credentials when speaking to prospective employers.

Once enrolled, students have access to the Certification Hub for 12 months and will be able to pursue one exam from any of the certification exams available.

Exam preparation is self-paced and available anytime, anywhere through SAP Learning Hub, student edition. Those with access to the student edition can access training materials specific to their SAP certification of choice.

To subscribe to SAP Learning Hub, student edition, students should speak with their professors or universities to suggest that this resource be made available to students.

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