SAP Opens Cyber Defense Center to Create Security Innovations

SAP is adding a Cyber Fusion Center to its headquarters, enabling the company to invest and innovate in new security functions.

The center will serve as a hub for new cyber defense capabilities for the company and bring new security functions like analytics, defensive automation, cyber intelligence and cloud security to better assist SAP and its customers against security threats.

 “Threats are evolving, accelerating and becoming more commoditized, which means SAP — and its customer base — represent a significant target for cybercriminals,” said Tim McKnight, SAP chief security officer.

The center also has plans to employ about 70 people by the year 2021, and will draw on area universities to build a talent pipeline.

The company chose the U.S. headquarters to build the center, citing its access to academic, research, and military communities in the area.

McKnight said as SAP’s business expands more into public and private sectors, the company sees a need for more “resilient, experienced and global security operations capability to support that growth and defend ourselves and our customers from harm.”

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