SAP Partners with Raab Associates on Marketing Gap Analysis Tool

SAP SE has collaborated with Raab Associates, Inc., a marketing technology consultant, to offer a free online tool that provides marketers with personalized recommendations on focus areas of investment for their organization.

The marketing gap analysis tool asks a series of questions about the organization’s profile, marketing programs, current systems and processes. The platform then evaluates the information to provide an analysis of the organization’s current marketing technology foundation. It also provides directional recommendations on strategies to improve their marketing systems such as strategies to consider in general architecture, such as integrated suite, shared customer data platform or application-based, industry-specific issues, such as regulatory concerns, and identification of gaps in specific marketing systems.

“Like any good consultant, we start by asking marketers what kind of programs they want and what their current systems look like,” said David Raab, principal, Raab Associates, Inc. “Based on that, rules within the tool can determine the system capabilities required to run each program, aggregate these into a consolidated set of requirements and compare the requirements with existing capabilities for a gap analysis. The process provides an educated starting point for internal discussion on strategic changes that should be made and how to implement them.”

More information is available from SAP SE and Raab Associates, Inc.