SAP Provides More Than 125 AI-Powered Startup Partner Solutions

SAP.iO announced it has surpassed the 125-mark for AI-powered startup partner solutions in the SAP partner ecosystem.

These solutions are fully integrated with SAP and available via SAP Store for immediate adoption by SAP customers. The encompassing solutions range across lines of business and industries, including finance, HR, supply chain, and customer experience.

According to SAP, this milestone demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping SAP customers flourish in a rapidly changing world by enabling the easy extension of their software landscapes with tailor-fitted solutions that meet their specific needs. utilizes generative AI to uplift customer and employee experiences via dynamic chatbots and voicebots, handling over 2 billion interactions each quarter. This startup solution seamlessly integrates with SAP Customer Experience and SAP SuccessFactors software, facilitating omnichannel experiences across diverse employee and customer touchpoints.

Nyris has leveraged AI to build a powerful visual search platform that provides users with an intuitive way to instantly find what they want using images, keywords, or barcodes. The platform integrates with SAP Commerce Cloud to enable no-code search solutions.

A study by BCG’s Henderson Institute suggests that businesses can benefit from partnering with AI startups in areas such as technology, talent, and change management. For those AI partnerships to be successful, the findings suggest a shared understanding of data rights, governance, risk management, and pricing methodologies.

By partnering with startups, businesses can get fresh perspectives, customized technology solutions to a specific industry or functional problem, and specialized skills they might not possess internally. In return, established companies offer startups scalability, market presence, and credibility, according to SAP.

This symbiotic relationship enables both entities to stay on top of industry trends, drive AI innovation, and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. This rich environment of shared learning and continuous improvement then bolsters the entire AI ecosystem.

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