SAP Releases Major Update to SQL Anywhere

SAP has announced an update to SAP SQL Anywhere. Version 17 of the embeddable database technology enables Internet of Things (IoT) systems and data-intensive mobile apps to leverage new remote data synchronization capabilities of SAP SQL Anywhere with the SAP HANA platform to help securely move data between the enterprise and remote locations at the edge of the network.

As more and more data is getting collected from a variety of devices,  more data is being sent to the back end systems and, to some extent, it’s creating a blockage at the core systems, stated Amit Satoor, senior director of product marketing at Platform Solutions Group at SAP.  “What we are trying to do is make a hardware device that is a lot smarter by providing a complete application development platform itself.”

Enhancements in the new release are focused on three key areas: performance on a wide variety of IoT platforms, secure synchronization with cloud and on-premise systems, and always available operation.

The new version of SAP SQL Anywhere can automatically detect changes to the deployment environment and provide optimal performance whether the server is running on a smart meter or

The platform has added a new database administrator (DBA) cockpit and application profiling tools that provide monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to help support new IoT application scenarios.  And, to facilitate a faster and easier development process, the new release also supports a wide variety of modern programming languages and environments, including support for JavaScript stored procedures and functions. Additionally, the update improves encryption and data isolation so customers can help protect their data while at rest on edge devices and during synchronization to the data center, whether on premise or in the cloud.

Synchronization from edge devices and IoT applications to SAP enterprise systems is improved with tighter integration with the SAP HANA platform and expanded support for newer versions of the most popular databases.

The updated platform reduces the downtime for SAP SQL Anywhere database maintenance and application upgrades with new features, including online rebuild, dynamic starting and stopping of connection protocols, and point-in-time recovery, have been also introduced.

SAP will continue to support and optimize this technology for cloud, in memory computing, and additional platforms, according to Satoor.

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