SAP Showcases Advances in Big Data Revolution at Strata

At Strata + Hadoop World 2015, SAP showcased its portfolio of big data solutions, including the HANA platform that offers real-time integration of big data and information held in Hadoop with business processes and operational systems, Lumira and SAP BI tools that enable data discovery on Hadoop along with data wrangling capabilities,  SAP Data Services, and the newest SAP product for the Hadoop world, HANA Vora,  which takes advantage of an in-memory query engine for Apache Spark and Hadoop to speed queries. SAP HANA Vora can be used as a stand-alone, or in concert with SAP HANA platform to extend enterprise-grade analytics to Hadoop clusters and provide enriched, interactive analytics on Hadoop and HANA data.

The interest among SAP’s customer base in integrating with Hadoop is huge, and increasingly Hadoop has found a place alongside established database and warehousing technology among SAP’s customer base, said Marie H. Goodell, senior director of big data marketing for SAP.

In particular, organizations with large quantities of fast moving non-relational data such as oil and gas, telecommunications, and utilities companies are turning to Hadoop because it handles those data types better than a structured database, she noted.

Coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly in New York, SAP also had a screening of the film, “The Human Face of Big Data,” based on the book by Rick Smolan, said Goodell.

The documentary, which was sponsored by SAP and Intel, illustrates how big data pervades all aspects of life today in ways never before thought possible, and highlights both the opportunities and dangers of the growing big data revolution.

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To help companies get more value from big data, SAP has introduced HANA Vora, a new in-memory computing engine that leverages and extends the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched, interactive analytics on Hadoop. HANA Vora is a completely new product built from the ground up and is aimed at better processing of data to make business decisions.

Posted September 08, 2015