SAP Simplifies the Front Office with hybris Profile

SAP is releasing a set of enhancements for one of its platforms that it says will change the way enterprises interact with customers.  A portfolio of SAP hybris tools is being introduced to enable in-the-moment customer profiling, digital commerce and community development, allowing an organization’s front office to stay connected with the frequently shifting needs of its customers and prospects.

The goal of this upgrade is to allow companies to go beyond customer relationship management (CRM) into a new era of digital connectedness, customer service and support.

“The customer journey today is very, very different,” said Carsten Thoma, president of hybris software, an SAP company.  “Social channels, mobility, IoT, a number of touch points and channels influence the customer journey has just been growing exponentially.”

The hybris portfolio will include three platforms, SAP hybris Profile solution, SAP hybris Customer Experience, and SAP hybris as a Service. All platforms will be released to the public steadily in the coming months.

SAP hybris Profile is intended to serve as the customer-centric foundation of the system, capturing all interactions, contexts and behaviors to create a continually evolving and dynamic profile of the customer.

Hybris Profile will be able to create a real-time dynamic profile of customers, capture customer interactions, contexts and behaviors, enable businesses to deliver a new wave of customer experience capabilities, continuously enrich the profile, and feature specialized design for maximum flexibility and massive scale.

“For our customers they have to think at light speed,” Thoma said. “You have to be able to respond and transform faster than before. For that, you need the right technology base.”

The hybris Customer Experience platform will deliver a next-generation, responsive omnichannel content management system by focusing on cross-touchpoint real-time optimization and context and by offering a tool set for customers and partners to develop experiences for a variety of uses.

SAP hybris as a service will help customers stay ahead of the curve by providing community, autonomy and simplicity.

Hybris as a service features will include an ecosystem of solution providers accelerating innovation with low cost and low barriers to implementation, microservices to administrate functionalities, and a cloud delivery model for frictionless and cost-efficient consumption of functionality.

Users will be able to integrate each platform together and use all SAP applications. “CRM as we know it is a dying concept,” Thoma said “It’s time to move on from CRM and say goodbye to an old friend.”

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